Hi there! I'm Sandra Chau.

In 2015, I was creating imagery that no-one was interested in, imagery that brought in zero leads... imagery that did nothing for my brand.

Fast forward a year, I figured out how to create a distinctive, elevated and sought after portfolio of imagery and have helped countless businesses do so too.

My secret?

Having a kick ass prop collection.

I know! It sounds simple. But trust me, after spending countless hours scouring the internet and STILL not having great images? After spending hundreds of dollars  props thinking, “this is the one that will take me to the next level!” and never using them again... it’s not as simple as it seems.

And the last thing I want is for you to go through that.

So now, I’m opening the gates for a backstage pass into my prop collection so that you too can style imagery that elevates your brand each and every time with the perfect props.

Create the most beautiful images of your dreams?

Have you ever...

Wondered where stylists got all their cool stuff from?

Found yourself staring at all the beautiful images on Pinterest and think “where did they get that?” secretly wishing you had the Mirror of Erised sitting in your studio like Harry Potter had at Hogwarts, so you could see those beautiful props in your hands?

Googled and googled to try and find that piece you saw in an image only to find nothing close to what you were looking for?

Obsessed over items in another stylist’s image and just wished that there was an easy way for you to purchase, if not the same, but a similar item for your prop collection?

Imagine if you could:

Stop spending hours drooling over your favorite Pinterest images and googling phrases that never get you ANYWHERE (trust me, “matte white, small, imperfect ceramic dish” doesn’t bring you anything close to what you’re looking for).

Stop wondering where a stylist buys all their props from.

Curate your perfect prop collection by this evening and create the images you’ve been dreaming of.

Feel more confident that the props you’re investing in will serve you every single time.

Here's what you get with The Complete SC Guide to Prop Sourcing:

A 27 page guide complete with 84 of my most popular and requested images.

Links to where you can buy ALL my props you see in those images.

A categorized list of where I shop for all those and other props I use to style for weddings, editorials, lifestyle and still life design.

Want to know where I got all this cool stuff from to curate this beautiful space?

Yes! This is so perfect for me! I'm ready!

Here’s what you could be creating too!

Yes, I’m so ready to do that!

Or this!

This is exactly what I need, I'm in!